We are still looking for someone to help with trail sections in the southern trail system.  The trail boss is responsible for landowner permissions each year.  We have had one person volunteer to help, but we’re looking for another individual (or several) that are familiar with the southern trail system to help that person.  The trail coordinators generate the landowner permissions each year and gives them to the trail boss.  It is imperative that this gets started this week, or we will miss theAugust 18th deadline for landowner permissions.  No permissions, no trail, no signing, NO GROOMING!  If you are interested in flat, groomed trails to Bear Swamp, PLEASE contact us for more details!

HEADS UP!  2015-2016 Season
Many snowmobilers aren’t aware we have an annual contract with NiMo to use the power lines in Elbridge as a trail.  Our request to renew the contract has been rejected for this up coming season.  What’s this mean, MAJOR trail reroutes and possible trail closures.  NYSEG is running new poles and wires  and they aren’t allowing anyone on the property while this in progress.  Check back for updates to the reroute.

Thank you to all that participated in the survey, click the link to see if your questions/concerns were answered!
April 2015 Survey Response

YES, we’re working on the next season already!  WE NEED YOUR HELP even if it’s just for a couple hours!